System Events

Required events

Our SDK only needs to send two events by default. They are triggered when SDK loads and when a user leaves a page.

SDK start

sdk_start event is triggered as soon as initialization function is called via init api. This allows us to record a user.

Visibility hidden

visibility_hidden is triggered when a user leaves the website/app. This allows us to calculate session time and navigation flow. To not block user interaction and reliable send data we use beacon method for interaction with the server. You can read more about this mechanism here. We have fallback check in place, so if visibilitychange event is not trigger when you navigate to other site, we use pagehide to capture end event.

Optional events

We support a lot more system events which you can enable via Manifest in your dashboard. Navigate to https://[your-dashboard-url]/application/manifest and select application that which you are working with. In the list search for SDK_Push_System_Events and set the value to 1. This will start sending optional system events as well. You can always turn them off, where you would set the value to 0.

List of optional system events:

  • dragStart
  • dragEnd
  • copy
  • cut
  • paste
  • reset
  • submit
  • keyDown
  • click
  • doubleClick
  • contextMenu
  • hover
  • online
  • offline
  • print
  • hashChange
  • scroll
  • error